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Since 2011, the first phase of ROMED has been leading an initiative aiming to train mediators in delivering quality mediation between Roma communities and local authorities. Since the start of the programme, over 1300 mediators were trained in 22 countries. For more information click here.


  • UPCOMING: 24-25 September - National Project Officers' and National Focal Points' Meeting, Strasbourg, France
  • UPCOMING: 17-18 September - Second Session ToM in cooperation with the Belgium Ministry of Public Health, Brussels, Belgium
  • 8-9 July - Field visit of the official delegation of Turkey to Romania in the framework of the ROMED Programme, Bucharest, Romania

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Some 20 Roma living in Valea Seaca, a commune of about 3,000 inhabitants in Eastern Romania, are facing constant administrative difficulties as they were not registered at birth, lack ID documents... Read more

The Community Action Group formed through the ROMED2 Programme in Giulesti (Bucharest 6th sector) was involved in the organization of an informal Roma women’s meeting at the Roma... Read more

Food collection organised by the CAG and the Philadelphia Evangelical Church. Copyrights: Torres Vedras Municipality

Last week in Torres Vedras, 430 essential food products were delivered to the Social Center and Parish of Torres Vedras. 

This donation comes as a result of the collection made within... Read more



After having laid the foundations for quality mediation in Europe, the second phase of ROMED zoomed in on local contexts and in particular on how mediation can stimulate the participation of Roma communities for a more inclusive and democratic governance of selected municipalities in 11 countries. The Programme started in 2013 and is ongoing. To learn more about ROMED2 click here.