General Information
ROMACT Cycle: 
Reinforced process
Mayor of the Municipality: 
Ivan Asparuhov
Contact Person within the Municipality: 
Neli Mineva - Deputy mayor
Alexandra Raykova
Total population: 
20 838
Administration of Mezdra municipality
Roma living in the Municipality: 
2 000
Description of the Municipality: 

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Mezdra municipality is located in north-west Bulgaria, in the Vratsa Province. It administers a total of 26 town and villages. 
Roma are located in eight neighbourhoods in Mezdra municipality, in Mezdra (town), Moravitsa, Dolna Kremena,  Brusen, Eliseyna , Krapets, Rebarkovo, Zverino. 
Most Roma living in Mezdra belongs to the Dasikane and Kaldarashi sub-groups and speak both Romani and Bulgarian language. 

The ROMACT Process

ROMACT started in March 2020 with the signature of the Letter of agreement.

The Taskforce for Roma inclusion was created following Mayor's approval in September 2020. 

As of November 2023, ROMACT process is reinforced in Mezdra and a new agreement was signed by the Mayor to reinforce the ROMACT cycle in the municipality.

The Municipality benefited of ROMACT expertise for the following projects:
Establishment of a STEM center in 'Ivan Vazov' school, National Program  “Establishing school STEM environment”, Ministry of Education. 
Status: Rejected

 “Friendly hand” - KП33.19-1-061 – 2020- Competition Procedure 33.19-2020 of Center for Educational Integration of Children and Pupils from Ethnic Minorities (COIDUEM)
Status: Rejected

ROMACT Small Grants Scheme

ROMACT offers small grants scheme to support the efforts of the municipalities and Community Action Groups to respond together to the needs of the most vulnerable and to multiply the good practices across ROMACT municipalities.
Under the scheme of small grants, the following projects were supported by ROMACT between March 2020 – May 2021:

Initiative to counter COVID19 pandemic – Municipality of Mezdra
ROMACT supported the municipality with 3964 € reaching 300 families in Roma community. The project covered information campaign on COVID19 and provided masks, disinfectant products, informative flyers to raise awareness in the community. Food supplies were also provided for families with dire financial situation.

Creating a beautiful and friendly environment for children in Moravitsa – Municipality of Mezdra
ROMACT supported the municipality with 4962€, reaching 674 people composed largely of young people and children in Moravitsa village of Mezdra. The project provided the community with a children’s playground, fitness area and a green relaxation area. Having a common place for sports and relaxation increased the motivation for a healthy lifestyle which will support the development of children longtermly. A sports event with various activities was also organized to promote healthy habits and disciplined lifestyle among the youth.


Timeline Points

13 Mar 2020
Step 1- Becoming Committed- Signature of the letter of agreement
18 Sep 2020
Creation of Taskforce
31 Dec 2021
End of ROMACT Process
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